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We focus your idea into a unique vision and identity.

KH Industries History

KH Industries was established by Gabriel Castleberry in 2013. In developing several products for the outdoor adventure market, military, and law enforcement communities, there seemed to be a large gap in companies that actually assisted in bringing products to market. KH Industries has taken that role to bring unique quality products from concept to creation. The dedicated staff is always ready to assist in any part of the process.











Let's build the next adventure product

We focus your idea into a unique vision and identity.

Sure Brands Group

The Ultimate Fingerprint Enhancer

A unique trio of products specially designed with law enforcement and military in mind. Law Enforcement agencies across Pennsylvania alone, have 400 to 500 sets of fingerprints rejected monthly by the FBI because they're unreadable, meaning that suspects and convicted criminals are not being entered into the national database, and potentially affecting case closure rates.


Outdoor Adventure Gear

STALKEN adventure gear is for the extreme outdoors person. The gear developed is for taking on the most unforgiving outdoor environments. If you are up for the challenge we have the gear.

Bell & Hat

A Gentleman’s Straight Razor

After two years of dedicated effort using exotic materials and American steels, Bell & Hat presents these hand crafted, individually numbered razors, made here in the U.S.A. Bell & Hat razors truly are the Gentlemen’s Straight Razor.

welcome we are KH Industries

We focus your idea into a unique vision and identity.

Retina Ready

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Our Process is the principal measure of progress

We focus your idea into a unique vision and identity.

Process 01: Strategy

Setting Goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute actions.

Process 02: Plan

Align all aspects of your needs from design to final products. Implementing the best solutions to manufacture, distribute and market your product.

Process 03: Build

Build a brand recognition, marketing and advertising campaign for your products. Our creative team will help you from the begiing to global strategies.

Process 04: Promote

Develop and extensive promation packages to make your brand recognizable through out the world.

Process 01: Planning

Developing a plan is crucial in development of your products. A good plan will make navigating the difficult task of bring a product to market much easier.

Process 02: Design

Design is more than just the product. It also has to take in many factors. These factors include but are not limited to manufacturing, first impression, packaging and marketing to name a few.

Process 03: Development

In developing a product you have to consider some factors that might not seem so common sense. Cost is always the driving force. Manufacturing in the United States versus overseas. Liability Insurance for the product. Finally the development of the product.

Process 04: Branding

Branding is just as important if not even more for being successul. A brand can give the consumer confidence in your product. What does your brand say about you?

Process 05: Testing Prototypes

Testing a prodcut is crucial. You need to know the limitations of your products. Your prodcut may also need to be tested by other agencies before it can be ready for the general public.

Process 06: Finances

Developing your intial plan should include a financial plan. That plan should be a minimum of 2 years and yet woul be more ideal if it was for 5 years. Don't sell your product short.

Process 07: Promotion

Certain products have certain times if the years that it is better to release and promote your products. In deciding your release date can be a great advantage to entering a saturated market.

Process 08: Delivery

Under promise and over deliver is a mantra to live by. You want to establish a reputation on quality, dependability and service.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

We focus your idea into a unique vision and identity.

How do I protect my idea?

There are many avenues to protect your idea. Always make sure you at least have a non-disclosure form signed before discussing your idea with anyone. It really all depends on what is going to make you feel most protected. Did you know 10w-40 is not copyrighted because the inventor did not want to release his secret formula?

How do I do research on products?

I would start with a web search and then patent searches.

What happens if there is a similar product?

You would have to see if your product has an unique feature the other product does not and see if you can protect that specific part of your design

How much does it cost for intial consultation?

KH Industries offers a free review to see if your product might fit with our company.

Do I need to have a prototype made to get an assessment of my product ?

Prototypes are very helpful but it is not neccessary

Does KH INdustries buy products?

KH Industries does not purchase ideas but will consider other partnering ventures

Does KH Industries go to tradeshows?

KH Industries only attends buyer and wholesale shows.

Does KH Industries offer other services?

KH Industries does offer other services to help with promoting your product.

Our testimonials

“My experience with KH Industries was absolutely exceptional. We already had our products lines situated but KH Industries developed our brand and web-site and stayed within our budget. They were more than willing to work with our company needs. KH Industries is reliable and efficient and there is no doubt we will work with them in the future.”

Robert Carter, Bell & Hat


“I can’t say enough good things about your company. You are obviously very good at choosing staff. Gabe is so nice, calls back on time, very organized and good at answering questions. ”

Jim,O3XX Foundation


“Thanks as always for the great service. You guys at KH Industries by far have the best customer support, we appreciate being able to reach out for the occasional input. Keep up the great work!”

Adam, Senior Lance Corporal


KH Industries Veteran Owned and Operated